Here's our conversation: Him: Hi Sweetheart Me: (beautiful...

By clueless_9 | Oct 28 2015

Why did my very close 'new' boyfriend completely ignore the picture message I texted him? Should I bring it up? Since men usually feel criticized if you say anything, should I just ignore it? Should I just note it as insight?

Now I'm Wondering

Here's our conversation:

Him: Hi Sweetheart
Me: (beautiful picture with message) "Boyfriends name, I believe in you! My name."
Him: (5 minutes later) How are you?
Me: Did you get my text?
Him: Yes.
Me: You got the picture message?
Him: Yes, sweetheart.
Him: What are you doing?
Me: (no response)
Him: ??

What's up with that?? Even after I asked if he got it, he still didn't acknowledge it?? It wasn't a scarey romantic text, it wasn't a coming-on-strong message... it was a sweet generic message that could be sent to a friend, mother, brother....

Please don't tell me he was preoccupied, had a hard day, was in a bad mood... or any other lame excuse. A simple acknowledgement was in order.... like 'Thank you."
I'd appreciate some deeper insight and reasoning for mentioning it to him, or not.

Any insight would be appreciated.




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29 Oct

Its hard to advise you without knowing why you sent that image, but if he is having a hard time with something, maybe he just wants to avoid conversation about the topic. I think it's rude to ignore it anyway, I agree that a thank you or a thanks, but lets not talk about it message was in order. But probably not worth fighting over or stressing about.


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1 Nov

How much appreciation and praise do you need for sending a little throwaway photo? Geez.


3 Sep

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