He thinks I like him, but if we barely actually know each other...

By idkusername | Dec 31 2014

I am in the grade above him but he is only like 4 months younger than me. So I don't get to see him that often. And I hadn't texted him for like 7 months and we hadn't seen or talked to each other in forever. But like 3 weeks ago I texted him randomly and we talked for a little while. Then a couple days later for the first time ever he texted me first and we talked until early morning. He told my friend that he thinks I like him, and she told him I don't, but said that I was lying. We haven't ever mentioned it to each other but he has texted me randomly first, and sometimes at really late hours.

Now I'm Wondering

He thinks I like him, but if we barely actually know each other then why would he just now start actually talking to me now that he thinks that I like him?




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31 Dec

You sound pretty young. Usually when a guy texts you between 12 and 5 am. It means he only really wants a physical relationship. He might think he can get this from you now that he thinks you like him. I don't think he's interested in you in the way you would want. Sorry :(


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31 Dec

No. A boy that likes you texts you a little, but not between 12 am and 5 am, and he actually spends time with you.


31 Dec

Honey, this is just a post. it doesn't mean it actually happens all he time. between 12 am and 5 is a booty call. You do seem young as well.


1 Jan

I'm actually not that young, I guess I sound like it though. Ok, thanks for the help though

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