He seemed to be really interested in me and made me feel...

By caligirl07 | Feb 24 2015

So, I matched this very attractive guy on tinder. We hit it off pretty well. He asked me to hangout with him, but I let him know that I wasn't ready to hangout with someone I didn't really know. He asked for my number to text me so we text for a little over a week. He was charming, sweet, and good with his words (not in a sexual way). He asked if I've hook up with someone on tinder which we both haven't. He told me he wanted to hangout with me, but not until I'm ready. So we hung out last night, and he was sweet and complimented me a lot, and I complimented him as well. We ended up hooking up, and later on that night went our own ways and he told me to hit him up whenever. He did not text me after as well as today. Should I text him first and talk to him, or should I let him text me first??

Now I'm Wondering

He seemed to be really interested in me and made me feel confortable with him and was respectful too. Should I text him first? How do I ask him if he just wanted a hook up or if he is wants a relationship? ( not necessarily with me but in general?



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24 Feb

Agree with jhops, he just wanted a hookup, and made you feel comfortable around him in order to agree to the hookup.


24 Feb

Thanks guys!


19 Jan

"Hit me up whenever" - is probably just code for "you were fun in bed, I'd do you again" It's possible that someone who isn't enterly confident, or who doesn't want to seem pushy might try and "play it cool", but if he liked you he'd call/text (not just for sex).

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