He really doesn't say anything about it when we go to school...

By whatever2015 | Mar 27 2015

Everytime I call him he says sorry can't talk now

Now I'm Wondering

He really doesn't say anything about it when we go to school should I be worried?



10 Sep

This is too vague... 1) what is your relationship status? 2) what would you worry about? Since you tagged this question with #trust and # cheating, I'm assuming you are dating him and whenever you call him he says he can't talk and then when you see him in school later he doesn't offer an explanation as to why he could t talk, and it's happened enough that you worry he is saying that because he's with another girl. If that is what you are asking, I would say that without other reasons to suspect cheating, that isn't the conclusion I would jump to. However, I would reconsider dating someone who only has time to talk to you when you are at school. If you guys are in high school, is it possible that he has to hide the relationship from his parents? If you are in college, then I see no reasonable excuse for putting you on the back burner like this. Break up.

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