He is definitely seeking for attention. What would be your best...

By vult | Nov 17 2014

I was seeing someone for 3 months. At first it went well but I'm not the type to fall in love quickly. Fortunately, I found out gradually that he was playing around and also kept seeing other women while seeing me. I decided to dump him because first, I don't want to waste my time and second, after finding out his habit of lying (saying I was the only one for him but also texts other women the same thing) I was emotionally done with him. I wished him luck while walking away voluntarily because without me, he's still happy with other girls. But this guy just keeps texting me out of the blue asking: "Is everything ok with you?"

Now I'm Wondering

He is definitely seeking for attention. What would be your best action if you were in my position dealing with this jerk?



17 Nov

Ignore him but that doesn't seem to be working so unfriend him on Facebook and block him (if things get really bad). It's mean but if he keeps bothering you, that's the best you can do.


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17 Nov

Block him


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18 Nov

reply 'everything's great :)' then block him


19 Nov

Thank you guys for the feedbacks


20 Nov

Ignore Ignore Ignore!!!!

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