He had a girlfriend when we hooked up. We live in separate cities...

By sennter | Apr 01 2015

I have been texting a guy for a week. He hasn't responded. We met 8 years ago in a college which I left and he stayed. We hooked up once six years ago. We lost contact then. I only got his number a week ago. I still feel a duck imprint bond towards him since he was my first. I want us to be friends again, we should only hook up if we are committed. How do I get him to respond and text me. Calling seems scary. Thanks.

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He had a girlfriend when we hooked up. We live in separate cities



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1 Apr

Why on earth do you want to be friends randomly with a guy you hooked up with once years ago who had a gf when he cheated? No wonder he isn't answering, I wouldn't either. It's kinda weird. Leave him alone, he's not answering cause he doesn't want to talk to you (probably bc you had a part in ruining his relationship) and you need to respect that- you can't "make someone answer you". What right do you think you have here???


2 Apr

Hey, @jhops By duck imprint, I mean when a duck is first born, it follows the duck which took care of it, even if it is not its mother for life. Hence what I meant is that they guy was my first and I feel a bond with him for all this time. I agrree that we were both wrong to hook up when he was taken but at the time I was more naive, wanting more. @ andreav Yes I agree with you and I want to finally solve the issue. I can't force him to text me and I will move on. It is inevitable. Thanks for your advice guys.

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