Has my anxiety scared him off I have had four dates with this...

By actress87 | Jun 12 2016

Has my anxiety scared him off?

Now I'm Wondering

Has my anxiety scared him off?

I have had four dates with this guy and he seems really into me. He's started holding my hand when we walk in public and he shares a lot with me. We are sleeping together and on the last date we had I explained a little bit about how sometimes I get moments where I "flap" over small things due to some bad past experiences. He seemed to understand. Then the Friday he phoned me on his way home from work as he's now gone to France for two weeks without wifi and wanted to speak before he left. It was a good phone call although he sounded very tired. Later that night I sent a naughty pic and asked him if he fancied a bit of fun over text before he left. Normally he'd be up for it but he said "hmm I've fallen asleep once already tonight". Then the attached conversation happened. He wasn't responding to my messages which sparked an anxiety attack that I sometimes am prone to. Hence I sent a lot of messages. I'm now worried that I've blown it.

His messages normally are as short as what you see above so it's not out of character for him. He's not a very good texter. He's better in person/over the phone. But he didn't put any kisses on his messages like "night" when sometimes he does. And he didn't even acknowledge my "pest" comment I made the next day.

Now he's in France and uncontactable for two weeks so I cannot speak to him. And I'm worried that even though he said to me in our phone call that we'll meet when he's back I can't help but think my anxiety has scared him away. Thoughts?

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