does he like meee should I still text him were friends but I...

By 3514 | Aug 05 2014

so in the beginning of the school year there was this guy I really liked he liked me too( we are both 13), and we texted literally 24-7, but he never asked me out. toward the middle of the year he told me that he liked one of my best friends. My hart sunk! but we still texted at the time just not as much. I decided to move on and I didn't like him anymore. I then told him that my friend who he liked didn't like him. so he told me he was going to move on. we still texted and he flirted with me a looott in class and acted like he liked me. we began texting more. towards the end of the school year I liked him AGAIN. school ended and now that its summer he has been texting me even more. just about 3 weeks ago he texted me asking me who I liked, I finally told him I liked him. then he replied back he likes me too. hours later he texted saying that, that was not him who texted saying he liked me.."it was my friend" and he told me that he was sorry and didn't like anyone right now. So I texted him back saying that I didn't like him either when I really did. now after that, we have been texting more then ever! like last night I stayed up till 12am texting him. It has been a lot of back and forth between us. Now I'm not sure if I still like him. I'm also not sure if he was lying that his friend was the one who texted me about liking me. sorry if that was confusing..?!

Now I'm Wondering

does he like meee?? should I still text him? were friends but I don"t want to ruin our friendship.



5 Aug

Find something better to do with your time! You won't even be legal for another 5 years so spend your time becoming the kind of person you want to be. Then, the guys will come to you. Because they like the girls who are not clingy and needy. The more time you play these silly games the less time you are spending on making yourself a strong, happy young woman. Dump the whole thing and take up a great new hobby instead. When you stop looking at them the boys will be more interested in getting you to look.

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