Do you think he likes me Is he lying about not liking anyone Like...

By jrox101xox | Sep 09 2014

Okay so me and this guy are friends.. And we aren't going out or anything, but a lot of people think we are. Once a random kid in one of our classes came up to is while we were talking and told us we were totally going to get married. And then once me and him were talking and one of his friends gave him a thumbs up. Then just the other day another one of his friends was standing behind me making hearts at him because he was talking to me. I've mentioned to him that a lot of people think we are going out but he doesn't care and is all for just letting them think that. He also gave me some of his icecream at lunch the other day which was sweet. But yet he says he doesn't have a crush on anyone.

Now I'm Wondering

Do you think he likes me?? Is he lying about not liking anyone? Like if he isn't into me like that then I'm totally fine with just being friends. He's a good guy friend.



9 Sep

I think it's more like he's afraid, like if it doesn't work out it would destroy your good relationship. What's more important is how do you feel about him? From what I gather, he sounds like he likes you as a best friend or even more. (:


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9 Sep

I'm guessing you are both very young? Perhaps he is worried that you don't like him back or perhaps he really does just want to be friends. Other peoples' opinions are not always correct so I wouldn't take those in to account. The only way to know is to ask him! 'Hey (cute boy) I like hanging out with you perhaps we should go to (event/place) together' - if he asks if it's a date, say yes! If he says he only likes you as a friend at least you know and can stop obsessing/analysing his friends actions and move on with your life. It won't be the end of the world and your friendship will survive as long as you don't make it weird :)

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