I showed him a picture of the guy I like and he replied: Babe. Total babe. Then he abruptly ended the concersation.

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Did I annoy him? Why did he end the conversation to fast?

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hes jealous. he likes you, you 'love' someone else. therefore he is done with you. and no he doesnt want to still be your friend because he never wanted to be your friend in the first place


Why do you care if you like someone else?


Yes, you annoyed him. Probably either because he likes you and you don't seem to care, or because he doesn't want to see who you like. I'm kinda in agreement with the cats eyes tho... why does it matter if you like someone else? Pro-tip tho: Don't be a jerk to that kid.


Leave that boy alone if you don't like him, don't be cruel.


he liked you but now he hates you. either avoid him or apology bj

theloveguru TOP COMMENTER

did you take a creeper picture of a random guy? weird


Why are you sending a guy a picture of another guy you like? You are so stupid.


Either you are too oblivious to his feelings, or you're trying to drop him a hint that you don't like him. Why did you bother posting this?


He likes you. By sending him a pic of the guy you like that isn't him your practically saying "Your a nice guy but lets just be friends, I am going to cry to you when I have problems with other guys and you can be there to comfort me. But know that I will never see you as potential"

In simple words, you just told him that he is nothing more than your emotional tampon


Looks like you're trying to make him jealous. And it worked, and hurt him. Good one..


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