Days between texts after great date/hookup.. should I forget him ...

By immaunicorn | Apr 14 2015

Is he ignoring me now because I gave it up too easily?

Now I'm Wondering

Days between texts after great date/hookup.. should I forget him? I met him through mutual friends and we ended up hooking up that night but we exchanged numbers and decided to go on a date. We texted for a bit and he called to set a date up and we both agreed the date went great but we ended up hooking up again (stupid of me, I know). The next morning he told me he liked waking up to me in his apartment and text me after work asking how my day went and thanking me for the date. I responded and also told him that if he got bored the next night, I knew of two house parties that were happening. He messaged me the next day(day of the parties) and asked how they were going and that he was going to stay in. I was already out and my phone was dead so I responded the next morning (Sunday). He never responded and it's now late Tuesday afternoon. Should I message him or leave it (and him) alone and move on?



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15 Apr

Yeah I'd leave it and see if he gets in touch. It could have hurt things that you gave in and hooked up so early, but then again if he really really liked you, it probably would be fine. So don't blame yourself, take a step back, and see if he gets in touch.


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15 Apr

He looks at you as the hookup girl now. Not saying it's completely incomprehensible that he might find you interesting and appealing anyway, but what he sees is a girl he finds attractive that is pretty easy. It doesn't scream relationship potential to me, but more like a good way to waste time. Don't text him again, be aloof and keep him at a distance if you want a chance of regaining mystery and a chance of a different start.

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