Before you tell me everything that’s wrong with it hear me out...

By overthinker | Jul 30 2015

40 year old dating 21 year old... My question is could there be a future for us with such different lifestyles or should I just appreciate it for the short term happiness it brings me?

Now I'm Wondering

Before you tell me everything that’s wrong with it hear me out first. I am 21 years old and he recently just turned 40. We met randomly at a coffee shop and started talking. I didn’t know his age and he didn’t know mine. During our first date the topic of age came up, I was shocked that he was turning 40 soon. I thought he was 32 at max. He has been divorced for 5 years and has a 7 year old son. I’m not sure what will happen since he travels a lot for work and I am going into my junior year of college. My biggest concern is the perceptions of others because I know he will get the most judgment. My last relationship was with a 28 year old, so I tend to date older usually just never this much older. I really enjoy the admiration he shows and the support as well as the stability he brings to my life. I think for him what he enjoys most is the positive outlook I bring and the motivation I give him to pursue different things. I like dating older because I am not big into partying or random hook ups that come with college. I like having more substance to the relationships I pursue.



2 Aug

I think you need to know why he divorced his last wife before getting too involved.

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