Basically, I met this guy online before xmas and we got on so...

By karlsadoune | Apr 25 2016

Is he really that busy or is he not interested?

Now I'm Wondering

Basically, I met this guy online before xmas and we got on so well. We haven't met up but we've skyped and it was amazing. Then we recently got back in contact as he went away on holiday and 'ghosted me' since the other week. We skyped again and it felt exactly like it did before. He likes me and wants to meet up. But he seems really busy and keeps reading my snapchat messages and not replying. He said that he is usually busy and rarely replies, but what do I do? Do I keep it going or let it go...



27 Apr

I would leave the ball in his court. You don't want to appear desperate. If he is truly interested then he should be able to take a few minutes to respond or coordinate a date.


3 Sep

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