Are all guys like this and why do they do this ...

By littlemissy994 | Apr 09 2015

So I've been texting a few guys and they always seem to ask me pretty deep questions within the first few hours. Questions regarding my goals and what I feel like I want to improve on or asking me to describe my personality. I have no problem with these questions but I find it odd to ask them within the first hour of texting someone. Why not just find out those answers naturally?

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Are all guys like this and why do they do this?




10 Apr

M/20 here. I don't think there's too much magic about it; they want to learn more about you. Be it about compatibility, depth of response, whatever, they want to get a sense of what you're like. Sometimes it can also be about avoiding small talk; that's a thing that some guys(myself included) are a little intimidated by, especially if they're into you. Another reason is that most people find big talk far more rewarding than small talk. Hope this helps!


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10 Apr

That sounds like a job interview.. I've never had guys ask me those questions. Are you meeting them on a dating website? In that case, it's probably just a way of trying to sort through the masses of women they talk to, if they get a "right" answer, they'l l continue talking to you. It's all very odd to me, that's why I would never have long conversations about life in text or online, keep it cute and short and have those talks in person!


10 Sep

Jhops is right! He's using a few word to text you deep questions so that you can do all the work of typing long blocks so that he can screen you, and the 20 other chicks he sent that copy/paste text to. Lose him.

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