Am I just wasting my time...

By queen_303 | Apr 23 2015

When I signed up for tinder I didn't take it seriously at all. I just wanted a confidence boost, free food, and possibly a new FWB. Then I matched with R whom I still didn't take seriously... But after 3 dates I found myself in a whole new mindset. Before I knew it we were texting all day long and seeing each other as much as possible. On our first date we both made it clear we were just looking for something "fun" but obviously things have changed. I would just wait it out but yesterday he sent me a cryptic message. It said "I'm deleting my tinder. I want to move on with my life." And I replied "I kinda want to delete mine too..." And his answer totally threw me off... "But you're single. It's fun..." Huh? What? What the heck does that mean? So then we just kinda moved on and didn't talk about it again. Then today he brought it up again. Except this time he brought up the fact that his BFF is bringing a group of girls with them on their vegas trip. I made it obvious that I didn't care to know that and then he says "well you have a tinder babe" when I replied saying he's the one who told me to keep it, he says "I knew you would blame me " What is with this guy? Is he just playing games? Should I just move on?

Now I'm Wondering

Am I just wasting my time?



23 Apr

Oh yeah, and we haven't had sex!! (Queen_303)


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23 Apr

It sounds like he's jealous and doesn't really know how to handle it well. And it sounds like you have feelings but don't want to tell him straight out. I feel like I've been in situations like this and it really is like walking a tightrope with knowing the right way to handle boys that don't really know what there own feelings are and don't know how to communicate them either. You get stuck in sort of both pretending you care less than you actually do. Honestly I would just ask him in person so that he can't put up a front with texts like he has been. If it's not worth it to you to talk in person I would suggest ending it because it will end up getting messy and hurtful.


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24 Apr

There is a lack of honesty in this relationship and it causes you both to act insecure. I'm a firm believer in letting it be known what YOU want, and if he likes, he can adhere to that, if not, then you can cut your losses short and move on.I f you are in love with him, and would like to be exclusive, tell him. If he doesn't want the same, tell him you're sorry to hear it, and that you wish him luck with everything. Better than sitting around and waiting for him to decide the fate of your relationship.


22 Aug

It appears as if he was hinting at the fact that you are single and he may be otherwise. Perhaps he was purposely hinting that you should continue using Tinder because YOU are the one who is single. This story doesn't make a lot of sense, but from what I can gather from it, it seems as if he is casually dropping hints that he is not a one-woman kind of guy; or that he is keeping his options open. Why he felt the need to tell you that other women are joining them on a trip to Vegas - that could go two different ways: either he told you, because he is attempting to be honest, or he told you to drop a hint that he's not into exclusivity with you. In all honesty, you both made it clear that you weren't looking for anything serious up front, so you have no right to get upset. He is dropping hints that he is not interested in becoming exclusive, which perhaps he is doing because he picked up on the fact that you may want more. Unless you talk to him directly and ask, you won't know for sure. He isn't playing games in my opinion, because you both made it clear up front that you were only looking for a fun time. He isn't leading you on in any way.


7 Apr

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