Am I just being strung along I'm just not sure.. i'm not even...

By missy_2 | Apr 15 2015

Had a great first date with a guy the other Friday night. both of us got on great and had lots of fun. he organised the date, followed up etc.

I texted him the next day to say i had fun and if he wants to do it again let me know.
He replied saying he had a great time and would love to do it again. A few texts back and forth over the next few days but no 2nd date confirmed.

I texted him last night in a cheeky text saying come have a drink with me Saturday night.. and not to say maybe.

He texted me this:

"Ahh Bollocks, I wish i coudl say Maybe, I've got to say no though sorry :( I've got dinner on Saturday. I might be able to do Sunday but I'm going riding and dunno when I'll be back. Not sure if you are free though? Next weekend?

Now I'm Wondering

Am I just being strung along? I'm just not sure.. i'm not even sure about how to reply!
i feel like hes just keeping the texting up to keep me hanging on and interested.. but i dont really want to waste my time if hes just playing games??



16 Apr

Thanks both of you for the replies! I texted him back with : "next weekend is fine. let me know what works for you." Then he replied straight away with: "I hope you didnt think that was a blow off" And i've just left it... im getting tired of the games.. even though i know sometimes they have to be played.


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16 Apr

I agree with jhops. You have to set the time, guys have no problem with you taking charge of your own time and life. It's such a weak stance to always go "ooooh i dont know, its up to you" or "whatever you want"


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16 Apr

And you just left it.... What?!?! He just apologised and clarified... And you think he's playing games?

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