All in the question sorry very long I'm just confused what to do ...

By tyler1113 | Jun 29 2016

Okay so I knew this guy from high school and I'm going to be a sophomore in college and I moved away for college and now I'm back in town we matched on tinder I never expected to click yes on just figured I would because he would only know I did if he did as well and in our conversation he said he was thinking the same exact thing oh and I forgot to mention that I liked him a lot in high school and he knew but he turned me down he never dated anyone in high school or anything and neither did I so after we matched the next day he messaged me on tinder and we just did some friendly talking seeing how each others year had been and then he gave me his number and told me to text him and so I did and we were talking some more and I asked him why he now had interest in me and he also follows me on snapchat so he knows what I post and stuff and I've also lost 40 pounds since high school so I look much more attractive now and he said that he always thought that I was chill and that he had just matured since then which I would agree on I think I haven't seen him in person since high school so I then told him I did t really know that much about him I didn't even know his favorite color so he asked if I wanted to get to know him better and I said only if he wanted to get to know me better and so we were basically playing 20 questions and then we were talking about interests and we both mentioned something that we liked and he said that we should do that together among a few other instances where he suggested us hanging out and eventually he said he was falling asleep and that it was good talking to me and getting to know me better and that he would text me the next night to get to know me better and I texted back goodnight and so the next night he doesn't text until 10 at night he asked what I was doing I told him just got done with some homework and that I was watching tv and he said that he had just finished watching the giants play baseball on tv and so we asked two more questions of 20 questions thing and then I replied something and then I never got a text back it was at like 1 in the morning but it has now been three days and I haven't heard one thing from him but I know that he has looked at my snapchat so I'm just so confused why one night he was making potential plans and the next night he never responds and then I just never hear back from him again and he texted me first both times and since I used to have feelings for him I am just so confused what his intentions were and why he would text me like that and then nothing and I don't know what I would have done to him to play such a cruel joke and lead me on like that when he knew I liked him in high school

Now I'm Wondering

All in the question sorry very long I'm just confused what to do

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