After a first date on friday, he didn t contact me, so on Wnsday...

By romi | Aug 16 2013

I appreciate your willingness and we can get out these days as friends. Go to the movies, eat something, or to walk around ...

Let me know when you get time for a ride.

Now I'm Wondering

After a first date on friday, he didn t contact me, so on Wnsday i email him and i finished the email saying "I dont see if i liked you on the date, etc so i hope see you soon , handsome man ,,," Is he being polite or really mean it and inviting me? why he didnt contac me between saturday and wensday?



16 Aug

I think he is being EXTREMELY polite..He just put you in the "Friend Zone" and he's hoping that you take the hint... Guys usually know whether they are willing to pursue something romantically with a woman after the first date. The fact that he didn't contact you afterwards may be an indication that there wasn't a romantic connection on his part. I'm sorry, but if you are looking for something serious, this wouldn't be it. Take him up on his offer if you want to be friends and nothing more..Other than that, I would back off or risk being viewed as a charity case.

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