After a casual hangout I texted this guy and said " Thank you for...

By julianakaarud | Apr 10 2015

This is kinda tricky, I texted, he responed a day later, I responded to him, but he never responded to my response. 3 days later he initiated contact again.. Should I respond knowing that that would give of the vibe that he can just play me around...

Now I'm Wondering

After a casual hangout I texted this guy and said " Thank you for a nice day, lets meet again sometime" He texted me the next day saying: " Thank you for a nice day! How has your day been?" ( but no response to lets meet again..) I eventually answered but did not get a response. Three days later he texted me " Did you have a nice week? " and went on telling me about his week. ( working out, studying etc.)



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10 Apr

I mean you've only been on one "casual hangout" what are really expecting he do? Text you everyday? I think this is fine, he's not going to ask you on another date if you don't sound engaged. People (girls especially) expect too much these days so early on in the dating process. Relax a little and let things progress at a natural rate. The first couple weeks you really shouldn't be texting all the time because it leaves nothing left when your on a real date to get to know each other. Ask him what he's doing this weekend or remind him you had fun and just ask him if he wants to get together again.


10 Apr

I think it's too early to tell. You don't know his habits. Wait and see


11 Apr

Just to state.. we have been on a actual date in public to. So thats the second time we met. I just think its dodgy to just answer as he pleases and keep asking me questions without answering mine. Its almost like a game of cat and mouse...


10 Sep

If you went Ina real date, then had a casual hangout and he's texting you this way, it's not a good sign. If the date went well and he was trying to pursue, he would have asked you out again, at the casual hangout, if not sooner. Lose this guy!

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