About a month ago this girl started at my boyfriend and I's job....

By ayyehmgee | May 24 2016

Am I freaking out over nothing?

Now I'm Wondering

About a month ago this girl started at my boyfriend and I's job. They became friends and were texting quite frequently. Well he got hurt at work and went to the doctors and she claims she went home sick, she ends up texting him asking him to go to lunch. I was furious, and e ded up getting in a heated arguement with my boyfriend about it, seeing as though they texted a lot, were always talking at work, and he connected with her and I cpuld tell. I got angry. I ened that little disaster right away, but just last week he told me that she texted him saying some small talk but when I look at the messages it clearly shows he texted her first and not the other way around, her texts says, "hahaha okay. Hows it goin" and that tells me that there were other messages involved but were deleted. I get really bad anxiety over this and am sitting here questioning if I'm crazy. (did I mention we live together, my boyfriend and I) I feel crazy but part of me says I'm not. I have yeto confront him but it will be done. I'm afraid of being lied to.. Am I crazy?



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24 May

Consider posting this story to the Dating Advice sub-Reddit. I feel like you'd get plenty of feedback from that site with several opinions.


3 Sep

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