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3 HOURS LATER.. he never rang me. Does he want to speak to me? Is he actually busy? Does he even care?

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probably just busy to be honest, or isn't taking the call as seriously as you are. I dont think you should take it too personally :)


Ahhhh thank you! x


you said he didn't have to call so obviously he won't...


my bad, he would probably call if he was REALLY into you! sorry


Do you normally expect a call from him as soon as you announce to him that you're home, regardless of whether or not he has anything to discuss by phone? If so, that's a bit demanding, and yeah maybe he's not into it and just told you he would call because he knew it was what you wanted to hear, but didn't actually want to call you.

However, if his statement "I'll call you in a bit" came out of nowhere and it ISN'T something you usually do anyway, then if he said he was going to c all you when there was no expectation for him to say that then I don't see why he would say it if he hasn't intended to call you. In which case I would assume he got busy, sidetracked, and/or forgot. Don't worry about it too much and if he had something to talk to you about he'll tell you at another time, or you can ask him what it was he wanted to talk about next time you see him, or you can call him your damn self and find out.


You told him he didn't have to....so he didn't. If you want him to call you, make it clear!


"you don't have to" is definitely not what I want to hear if I tell a girl to call her. I wouldn't call either.


Hey how does this work


Did you know that most guys don't actually like phone calls that much? You gave him an opening to not call. He didn't call.

Try saying what you actually mean instead of hiding behind a polite facade.


You have to think like a man. Be one step ahead. You told him that he didn't have to call. So, guess what...he did exactly what you told him to do. Not call. Come on, ladies! If he's really into you, trust me, you'll know it. I used to think men were very cryptic. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Its very basic and simple, as frustrating as it is. You just gave this guy the out to not call. Good luck to you. And just remember, if you tell a guy not to call---he isn't going to call.


I agree with the people who have commented and said that he probably didn't call, because you basically told him not to. Seriously, don't read too much into it.


You told him he didn't have to call, so he didn't. Ever hear of the book 'He's Just Not That Into You'? Men aren't women, they don't think like women, nor do they play games like women. If a man wants you, you will know, they are pretty straightforward beings.


Him: "I'll ring you in a bit"
Her: "You don't have to x"
"Oh, why the hell hasn't he called me already!?!"

lol. Maybe your last text should have been more like "Ok, speak soon."


Men take things at face value. If a woman tells you not to call, you don't fucking call.


Men are very simple humans. They do not do things you tell them not to unless they are tards. ... or stupid... or want to hear about it later (Which they usually don't.) Honestly, you told him not to. He's not going to. He respected what you requested. That should be incentive enough that he is into you.