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Single In The City

By Staff | Sep 25 2013


Last week I had the first successful date I've had in quite some time. First dates are weird in the sense that because everyone is different, the "rules" are always different. As you may have noticed in my last post, I'm a fan of the more casual, going out for drinks on a weekday night kind of date. At least for the first one.

But this first date was great. We met at a good bar in Brooklyn (I have special place in my heart for craft beers), the conversation never stopped and before we knew it we were three hours in. I love the rush of getting to know someone new and retelling all of the stories your friends have heard a million times.

The scariest part though is what comes next. The date can be amazing and go so smoothly you'll be 110% certain he's going to ask you out again, but unfortunately with my hour commute back I had plenty of time to wonder what the protocol is here. Do I need to wait for him to text me? Yes, of course I should wait for him. But what if he doesn't? Do I text him then? Luckily, I only had to wait just long enough for me to go borderline crazy, he texted me the following day asking what my plans for the weekend were.

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