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Dating in New York: First Date

By Liz Smith | Apr 09 2014


In NYC there's endless possibilities for date ideas, but that kind of seems to be the problem. When there's so much to choose from, how can you decide? One of my favorite dates was the first date I went on with my boyfriend. He took me to an amazing speakeasy that had a great atmosphere and some pretty amazing drinks. Although speakeasies might seem a little over done in the city, there's nothing quite like it. So here's some for you and your date to try:

1. Death & Co.
Like I said above, this place was the perfect first date. It's quiet enough that you can have a conversation but loud enough that it doesn't feel stuffy. The drinks are amazing and the two of you can really enjoy trying something new.

2. Angel's Share
Another great place with amazing cocktails is Angel's Share. It's a bit more of a quieter atmosphere but it's certainly a place that impresses. Even if you just start the night off with one drink there, it's a great place to try.

3. Please Don't Tell
If you're really looking to have some fun with your date, this is the place you need to go. The quality of the drinks and atmosphere are just as great as the other two, except for one thing, you have to dial in a phone booth in order to enter the bar. A true speakeasy, hidden behind a phone booth. Just make sure you make a reservation ahead of time.

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