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Bro Advice: Text Interpretations

By Corey Killion | Dec 16 2013


Interpretations of Texting

Last week, Lisa wrote an article outlining the five rules of texting. While they were great rules, I would love to let you ladies know how we awesome men interpret the texts you send us. A lot of you keep asking me if you come off the wrong way in your texts, so here's how I feel when I get them:

1) Hey. (or "K")
--What the **** did I do to make her angry?! Is it her birthday today? Did I say something dumb last night? Man, I am going to pay for this one.
2) Heyyyyy
--She’s either really drunk or she really likes me or possibly both. I don’t know.
3) So you had a lot of fun last night…
--Personally, this is my least favorite text to receive. Especially if I was out drinking with friends the night before. Maybe someone saw me do something stupid, or worse, she saw me do something stupid. On the other hand, it could be nothing, and she just knows I like to have fun.
4) Any text after 1:00 AM on the weekend
--She is definitely looking for a hookup, and I better not ruin this. Me: “Yea I’m kinda tired and heading back soon. Wanna join?” Nailed it.
5) Picture Messages. Not Snapchats, but actual picture messages.
--Wow, she actually sent me those; this is so much better than Snapchat. I need to find a picture of a puppy or a cat or something. (Googles image of a puppy and takes a screenshot.)

I could go on, but that's how guys *actually* feel. Or at least, how I feel. If you have any articles requests, leave a comment or message me and I will take them into consideration!
-Bro Corey

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