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Advice: How to Plan the Perfect First Date... If You're a Dude

By Liz Smith | Apr 07 2014


Planning the first date can be tough, and girls have it pretty easy when it comes to that, so here's some tips from us about what we think would make a great first date.

1. It's okay to not go to dinner.
Grabbing some coffee or a drink after work is probably the best kind of first date. There isn't the pressure to sit through three or four courses, if the spark isn't there you can both leave after one drink.

2. Confirm the date.
You mentioned last week you'd love to grab a drink with her next Tuesday? Text her Monday afternoon to confirm. It's common courtesy and will let her know she's not just a last minute distraction when you're bored.

3. Ask her questions you want to know the answer to.
Let's be honest, you don't really care that much what kind of music she listens to and she probably doesn't want to tell you, the millionth guy who's asked her, what kind of music she listens to. Instead, ask her what her favorite live musician is that she's seen or, (if music isn't your thing) ask where is her favorite place she's traveled. Make sure it's something that can spark a conversation and not just a rattled off list of musicians she has on shuffle.

4. Turn the phone off (or at least on silent).
There is no way to be discrete when checking your phone, so just don't do it. It's that simple.

5. Don't say "I'll call you" if you have no intention to.
Didn't have a good time on the date? She might not have either. But just incase she did, don't lead her on so she'd expect a text or call from you the next day. Tell her you had a nice time, wish her well and leave it at that.

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